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For over 140 years, Wella has been delivering professional hair dye innovations that enable hairdressers’ creativity. Our portfolio of hair colour products ranging from permanent to demi or semi-permanent hair colours are designed to help you achieve any look.

Hair Colour


Dye and semi permanent


Koleston KP




Colour Touch

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Colour Fresh

Koleston Perfect is our purest permanent hair colour ever, formulated with ME+ technology and offers up to 5 levels of lift, has a simple 1:1 mixing ratio and offers up to 100% grey coverage.

Create sheer colour that's luminous in every kind of light with Illumina Color permanent hair colour products. Get the most natural looking colour results with Illumina Color or a metalic sheen with Opal Essence and bring a premium colour service to your salon.

Color Touch opens up a world of fashion forward colour for you and your clients. Experience the shine and vibrancy of a permanent colour with the low commitment of a demi-pemanent colour. All our Color Touch Products are low maintenance and provide high shine for stunning results. 

Discover Colour Fresh, our range of ammonia-free semi-permanent hair colour products. Choose from a range of pure vibrant shades to keep your clients’ colour looking refreshed for longer.




Colour Correction

Blondor has a range of products that achieve excellence across the full blonde spectrum. Offering reliable and gentle lightening for hair and scalp, Create wide range of lightening blonde results from warm to extra cool blondes and Offer a fast highlight service



Our hair developers are specifically formulated to achieve the most accurate colour. Use our range with confidence to help lift and tone your client’s hair for the best results. We offer a range of different volume for all the services possibilities.


Wella Plex

Wellaplex is a hair bond builder with opti pH system that reconstructs the hair bonds for stronger hair.
OPTI pH SYSTEM enables optimal penetration of lifting & dye molecules for perfect color and lightening development.


Colour Renew

A zero damage colour reducer to adjust, change and correct undesired permanent hair colour results. It´s a gentle alternative to persulfate products to reduce undesired oxidative colour while respecting the natural hair melanin without lightening the natural hair colour.

Hair Care


Shampoo and Conditioner

Discover professional hair care products designed for any hair type. From shampoos and conditioners to masks and oils, you can be confident that you have every tool needed to send your clients away happy with healthy hair.

Hair Styling



Our range of hair styling products is designed to help you express your styling skills and create looks tailored to each client's individuality. In our range you will find products specific to each hair type or need, from volumising or smoothing hair, to changing hair texture or fixing a hairstyle with added shine.

Hair Perming




Curl it - Wave it


Create long-lasting curls that look and feel incredibly bouncy with Creatine + Curls, our range of curly perm solutions formulated for every type of hair. Our complex of high-conditioning ingredients help condition the hair during the texture transformation process, increasing elasticity, bounciness and shine.

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