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Hair Colour


More than 120 years ago, the German chemist and pharmacist Hans Schwarzkopf laid the foundations for

a brand that has been at the forefront of innovation

ever since.


Dye and semi permanent


Igora Royal

Tried and trusted by millions of colourists around the world thanks to high-performing, reliable products, IGORA aims to truly empower every colourist to create the most beautiful looks, to explore every aspect of their creativity and to reveal the clients individual beauty. 

Made to create truly individual signature styles, OSiS+ is the creative looks-based styling range that pushes boundaries. Get the edge! From Prep to Style to Texture to Finish products, OSiS+ equips you for all your client’s needs


Vibrance Colour

IGORA VIBRANCE is a state-of-the-art demi-permanent hair colour that lasts up to 25 washes. Thanks to the Moisture Protecting Complex, it also offers up to 100% more INSTAShine plus increased hair protection.


Blondme Colour

BLONDME, powered by the Bond Protection System, offers a unique colour range that can be tailored to any individual wishes and hair type. With easy, ready-to-use products, perfect blonde looks are guaranteed every time.




Igora Vario

Schwarzkopf's IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Lotion is formulated with a thickening agent that's specially designed to turn the VIBRANCE liquid colour into a cream consistency that's perfect for fast, easy application via brush.


Blondme Bleach

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Premium Lift 9+ is the first powder lightener to provide up to 9 levels of lift on natural and coloured hair. It offers perfect neutralisation thanks to it's anti-yellow-agents which directly target the pheomelanin in hair to avoid those warm yellow undertones.

igora developer.png

Igora Developer

Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance Developer 4% 1000ml: The IGORA VIBRANCE Activator Lotion contains a special thickening agent, which transforms the liquid colour into a cream consistency – ideal for easy, faster application.


Blondme Developer

Made to create truly individual signature styles, OSiS+ is the creative looks-based styling range that pushes boundaries. Get the edge! From Prep to Style to Texture to Finish products, OSiS+ equips you for all your client’s needs




FIBREPLEX guarantees supreme hair quality after colouration with no perceivable colour shifts, no change in routine, no additional development time or higher developer needed.


Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair Care



Blondme Care

This technology fully replenishes damaged hair cells from the cuticle right through to the cortex with hair identical agents. Its unique action fills gaps in the hair’s surface to create a sealed healthy surface for immaculate hair quality, that’s closer than ever to natural perfection.

BLONDME Care caters for all the needs of diverse blonde hair types, with a compact line-up that's easy to navigate. BLONDME Care is designed to work together with BLONDME Colour products to maintain the most iconic blonde results on the delicate structure of pre-lightened or natural blonde hair.

Hair Styling




Natural Styling




Regardless of the individual hairstyle, moisture is key when using solutions to achieve curls, texture and waves. Hair formed with Hydrowave Technology has additional structural moisture, increased curl bounce and flexibility. 

The Silhouette Super Hold range includes a range of sprays, gel, mousses and setting lotions. Offering you the hold you need in a format you want. Special film-forming polymer allows amazing hold, Long-lasting and strong control and Great shine

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