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Pure Nails

Pure Nails simply aim to offer the best quality nail products to professional nail techs at competitive prices. Halo Gel Polish is the number one gel polish brand for professional nail techs

Halo Range


Halo Products

halo gel polish.png

Halo Gel Polish

Halo Gel Polish is easy to apply, the polish has amazing shine and pigmentation and provides a 14-day chip-free, long-lasting manicure. Not to mention, it’s also vegan and cruelty free! Ranging in a huge selection of colours.

halo gel top coat.png

Base and Top

Our amazing Halo Base Coat creates the perfect surface for your chosen colour, forming a smooth base to help ensure your manicure will last. Halo Gel Polish Top Coat will finish off your gel polish manicure to a high sheen

prep and scrub.png

Halo Nail prep and Scrub

Complimenting Halo Gel Polish, Prep & Scrub is a spray on, air dried dehydrator that perfectly prepares the nail plate and helps to eliminate lifting.


Pure Nails Gel Wipe

Pure Nails Gel Wipe effectively removes the sticky residue from cured Halo Gel Polish without affecting the shine.

cellulose rolls.png

Cellulose Nail Wipe Rolls 500s

These economical nail wipes are 100% Lint Free and  formulated to quickly and effectively remove Nail Polish or Gel Polish from the Nail plate without leaving any residue and therefore help to reduce lifting.


Nail Systems Products

Nail Systems

Halo EasiBuild

Halo EasiBuild was created using the latest gel technology to create a brush on builder gel for optimum ease, application and finish. It is ideal for sculpting with forms and nail tips or can be used under gel polish as a strengthening agent.


Halo PoliBuild

Halo PoliBuild Precision Gel combines acrylic and hard gel to create a faultless, all in one nail system. It provides a strong and flexible, light nail enhancement that is perfect for use with Halo Gel Polish.


Halo Acrylic System

Halo Acrylic Liquid and Powder system is made in the UK. Our acrylic has a crystal clear, bright and high clarity finish that provides strength and durability for long-lasting nail enhancements.


Purity UV Gel

Pure Nails supply a range of Purity UV gel including the Purity Bonder, an acid free primer that forms a strong bond to the natural nail for exceptional adhesion. Purity UV Gel is a thin and self-levelling gel that can be applied over both natural and artificial nail


Halo Elite
Hard Gel

The revolutionary formula of the Halo Elite UV/LED Hard Gel allows it to be used in conjunction with the full Pure Nails range including Halo Gel Polish, Halo Acrylic, Halo Polibuild and Halo Easibuild. The Halo Elite Hard Gel is so versatile it allows you to create the longest, strongest, most extreme nails with ease.


Halo Create Products

Halo Create

Halo Crystals
3 Sizes Available

Halo Micro Crystals are the smallest crystal – perfect for covering the entire nail.

Halo Size 2 & 3 Crystals are perfect for adding that extra bit of bling to your clients’ manicure.


Halo Glitter

Halo Glitter is the ultimate addition to your nail art collection! Available in 12 different shimmering shades and in 5g pots, the glitters can be used alongside all Halo systems.


Electrical Products

Electrical Hardware

Halo Smart Dual Cure Lamp Pro

Low Heat Setting - eliminates heat spikes, Cures both UV and LED Gel - dual optical wavelength technology, 10, 30, 60 and 99 second pre-set timer, Can cure all 5 fingers due to the position of the LED’s, Smart Sensor - hand activated, Digital Display,48w white light technology and Removable bottom plate.

Halo Smart Dual Cure Lamp Compact.png

Halo Smart Dual Cure Lamp Compact

Compact design - ideal for mobile nail techs or small salons, Low Heat Setting - eliminates heat spikes, Cures both UV and LED Gel - dual optical wavelength technology, Can cure all 5 fingers due to the position of the LED’s, 30, 60 and 99 second pre-set timer, Smart Sensor - hand activated, Digital Display and 48w white light technology 


Halo Desk Lamp Lite

Professional LED Desk Lamp, Ideal for salon or mobile us,  Easy to clamp to most tables, Highly adjustable design, Emits flicker-free light, preventing eye strain, 50,000 hours of salon use and Standard desk clamp included 


Halo Desk Lamp Pro

The shade can be twisted to direct the light wherever you need it, Professional Desk Lamp, Ideal for Salon and Mobile use, Easy to install and fully adjustable, Clamp will fit most tables, Brightness Control - warm to daylight (3000-6000k) and Energy Efficient - choose from 25%-100% output


Halo E-File Pro

Professional, powerful & portable - perfect for salon and mobile use, Wearable, lightweight, cordless design,Easy to read digital display, Quiet with minimal vibration even at max speed of 35,000 RPM, Change drill bits in seconds with the easy twist lock design, Rechargeable - fully charged in 2-3 hours Up to 10 hours of normal use


Essential Products


Pure Nails Brush and Cleaner


Halo Elite Files

tips and remover.png

Tips and Remover

oils and treatments.png

Oils and Treatments


The Pure Nails Brush Nylon Gel Flat White Size 6 is for use with UV Gel and Soak-off Gel products. The nylon brushes will not shed and so will not get caught in the gel.

This brush cleaner quickly and easily removes glitter particles, gel polish, acrylic and more from all types of brushes including Kolinsky, Sable and Nylon..

The Halo files are sealed across the middle, meaning both you and your client can be sure hygiene is a top priority and the file is being used for the first time. Plus, our files can be fully sanitised, allowing you to store one file for each of your clients for optimum use!

Halo Elite Buffer Files are the perfect shape for getting round the cuticle area and side walls of the nail, helping to remove all harsh scratches and ridges present on enhancements or the natural nail. The shape makes it extremely easy to hold and manoeuvre over the nail. 

The Pure Nails Instant Nail Glue is specially formulated for the correct and lasting application of range of natural and white nail tips. The Acetone is extremely high quality at over 97% proof, ensuring easy and gentle removal of acrylic, nail tips and soak off enhancements.

Pure Nails Oils & Treatments range from very intense cuticle oil with a fresh Orange & Mango fragrance to Vitamin Powder.

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