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Nail systems international

Full range of professional nail products from NSI - Nail Systems International including Attraction, Balance, Dura Tips and more.



Nail Systems International Products

NSI supply all your acrylic needs, covering ranges across acrylic liquids, attraction powder, secret powder, acrylic primers, coloured acrylic and acrylic kits.



Balance LED/UV gel, secret soak off gel, gel primers and prep, gel kits, coloured gels, rubber base, polypaste and builder in a bottle

The secret range supply effect powder, sparkles, design gel, prism paints, nail brushes, tips & forms, secret kits, removable soak off gels and secret shades.

preparation and application.png

Preparation and application

NSI provide all the preparation and application you will need including files & Buffers, Nail brushes, prep/application, tips and forms, tool/implements and topcoats.


Glaze 'N Go

salon accessories.png

Salon Accessories


Electrical Hardware


Nail Art

Lasting scratch resistant high gloss shine and reduces filing and buffing time. Supply all the

Glaze N go range including go Colour and go Shimmer

Versatile range of accessories including: organizers/storage, salon essentials, salon stationary, hygiene & safety, educational resources

Add a professional touch to compliment your service with our range of electric filing systems, UV/LED lamps, nail dryers and lights.

Enhance your nail art treatments from glitters and foil, rhinestone and gems, Swarovski crystals, nail wraps, stickers and striping tape, flowers and shells, glass beads, display stands, tack free tech gels and secret prism paints.

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