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Hair Colour

Luxury Haircolor

Luxury Hair Pro created By Green Light. Signalling an evolution in the style of the Green Light brand, Luxury Hair Pro reflects today’s mood and the line’s original philosophy. It embodies the cornerstones of the brand with its minimalism combined with timeless elegance.


Dye and semi perm



Luxury Colour

Luxury Haircolor Permanent Color Cream guarantees an efficient and totally safe coloring treatment. The color is intense and shiny, it fully covers grey hair and allows infinite creative combinations. This colour protects the hair thanks to the properties of White Tea and Orchid.


White Bleach Powder

Allows to create streaks, highlights and de-colouration services while acting gently on the hair’s natural pigments and structure. It contains protective and emollient substances that maintain the hair’s structure intact during even the most intense lightening procedures.


Blue Bleach Powder

It is ideal to potentially lift up to 6/7 levels and thanks to its anti-yellow agents it allows you to obtain streaks, highlights and strong bleaching effects, while still being gentle on the hair. neutralizing yellow tones., created with heavy, non-volatile micro granules.


Ambitious Blonde

The perfect compromise between bleaching and protecting hair fibre. The powder lifts hair up to 9 levels, while the Sugar works to protects it. Hair is lightened up to 9 levels while remaining soft, shiny and conditioned.



Oxydant Milk

The Creamy Oxidants provide a permanent cosmetic coloration with full coverage of grey hair and and an even longlasting colour. Protective agents such as cosmetic Glycerin and White Mineral Oil keep hair soft, bright and hydrated during colouring or bleaching treatments.

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