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From originally stocking only depilatory waxing products, Hive have gone on to introduce hundreds of products into their range from wax heaters to couches, skincare to hot stones, tweezers to eyelash tints, retail products to professional kits.



Hive Waxing Products

wax kits.png

Wax Kits

To get the perfect kit to get started, Hive supply wax heater 1 litre kits, wax heaters 0.5 litres kits, roller waxing kits, paraffin heater starter kits and brow and grooming kits.

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Wax Range

Essentials proudly stock a range of waxes including Warm ‘honey’, Crème warm, Gelee, Paraffin, Hot, Roller cartridges and the 24K collection.

wax accessories.png

Wax Accessories

Hive have a range of accessories you will need for any treatment including: wax equipment cleaner, spatulas, waxing removal strips, roller waxing, paraffin accessories, depilatory wax accessory packs, paraffin accessory packs, pre and after wax treatments.

electrical hardware.png

Electrical Hardware

Hive offer a range of 11 wax heaters, including the Neös range, plus all the electrical accessories.

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