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Hair Tools

Hair Tools Limited are one the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of professional hairdressing and beauty products, supplying well-known brands such as Hair Tools, Parlux, Head Jog, Electric Head Jog, Haito, Beauty Tools, Olivia Garden, Dana Italia, Thermo and many more.



Sundry items


Hair Brushes

We supply a wide range of brushes in several colours and prints for every hair type including, classic paddle brushes, oval paddle brushes, styling brushes and detangling brushes.


Hair Grips

Strong and durable hair grips are available in the colours black, brown, and blonde. Ranging from 1.5” to 3” wide and short to extra-large in length.

All our gowns have easy adjustable hook fastening that adjusts to fit all your clients. We supply cutting gowns, hairdressing gowns, barber gowns, children’s gowns, and aprons.

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