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Crazy Angel


Crazy Angel’s professional and self-tan collection boasts an impressive portfolio of tanning products designed to help you prepare for, achieve and maintain a flawless, glowing tan. Formulated using naturally derived DHA, all of our products are free from Parabens, Alcohol and Mineral Oil and are packed full of skin-loving ingredients.



Tanning Products


Essential Applicators

Achieve a streak-free glow every time this double-sided applicator mitt with a water-resistant barrier, it can be used to give the skin a flawless finish. With its super soft, smooth and densely packed vegan fibres, this self-tan Blending Brush is perfect for buffing in any of Crazy Angel tanning products for an even application and effortless glow.

Essential Liquids.png

Base Tan

We supply a range base tan application, Use the Barrier Cream to target problem areas such as elbows and knees. Create the perfect base for tanning with our oil-free Body Polish and remove any remnants of self-tan with our Tan Eraser ready for a clean application

dark tan.png

Tan Shades

At Essentials we offer the whole range of Crazy Angel tanning products, including a natural lightweight Gradual Tanning Moisturiser. To get a  medium result use our Express Tan Liquid, Facial Tanning Drops, Self-Tan Water or Clear Self Tan Mousse and for a dark tan use our Self tan Lotion and Self-Tan Mousse

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