Clynol Soothe Sensitive Shampoo

Clynol Soothe Sensitive Shampoo

Sensitive Shampoo

Everyone knows how hard it is to handle sensitive issues. At last, help is at hand for deft handling of sensitive scalps and a surefire way to get it right every time. The cleansing action here is as thorough as you’d expect but the soothing after effects are like slipping into a dream – and all thanks to wonderful aloe vera. If ever there was a plant that knew how to keep the peace, this is it. As long as the scalp sensitivity isn’t pathological, any feeling of irritation will just get soothed away along with any knots or tangles. It’s a little bit of calming heaven that can be massaged in every day.

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Product Description

Active benefits
• Calming aloe vera formula
• Silicone-free softness and manageability
• Suitable for daily use

Volume: 300ml