Clynol Massive Volume Spray

Clynol Massive Volume Spray

Volume & Restructure Spray.

When you’re talking ‘structure’ to one of your clients, then you’re obviously talking serious style architecture and creating a look that’s destined to get admired and copied – volume’s a must-have to create a style impact and frame a face that’s camera-ready. But can a spray really volumise? We say yes. A lot of styling automatically means a lot of heat and if you want to protect hair from haemorrhaging moisture as you blast away with a dryer, then our mousse has film-forming polymers that put the defences in place. Hair upsizes but moisture stays put and so does shine. Can you really ask any more of a styling spray?

Product Description

Active benefits
• Volume dial up
• Moisture lock system
• Structuring hold

Hold Level: 2 / 5
Volume: 300 ml