L'Oreal Balayage & Celebrity Colour Techniques
L'Oreal Balayage & Celebrity Techniques Critera

Celebrities continue to inspire and determine what our clients are looking
for and balayage is an ongoing key trend. In this course you will look at
what is current and on-trend in the ever-changing world of hairdressing,
along with how to create bespoke celebrity looks for your clients.

L'Oreal 20 Minute Colour Technique
L'Oreal 20 Minute Colour Techniques overview

Add value to your colour business and reach those clients who are short on time. We will share quick commercial colour techniques along with ‘get the look’ ideas for you to refer to time and time again.

L'Oreal The Art of Colouring a Haircut
L'Oreal Art of Colouring a Haircut overview

Excite your clients by adding texture, volume and thickness through the L’Oréal Professionnel colour palette. Understand the perfect relationship between colouring and cutting.


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